Kill lice on contact. Effective. Safe. Proven.

Robi Comb - buy once, use again and again.
Complete lice treatment solution.
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Lice & Egg Elimination Kit

Bottle and box

Eliminate lice & eggs

  • Non-toxic and pesticide-free shampoo
  • Includes professional lice comb and magnifying glass
  • Loosens grip lice and eggs have on hair
  • Effective - comb out 3x as many lice and eggs
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Lice Zapping Comb

Kill lice and eggs on contact

The comb
  • Effective - electric pulse kills lice and eggs on contact
  • Saves you Money - buy once, use again and again
  • Completely Safe and Medically Proven
  • No exposure to harmful pesticides
  • Detects and prevents future outbreak
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Lice Repellent

Spray bottle

Prevent lice

  • Prevents your child from getting lice
  • Prevents lice from reoccurring
  • A few squirts protects all day
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Non-toxic and pesticide-free
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