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LiceGuard is the leader in non-toxic products that eliminate and prevent lice.

Featured Products:
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Lice & Egg Elimination Kit

Remove Lice & Eggs

Bottle and box
  • Non-toxic & Pesticide-free
  • Magnifying pick tool locates lice
  • Pleasant smelling shampoo loosens nits from hair
  • Professional lice comb easily removes lice & stubborn nits
  • 3.4x more effective than other removal methods
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Lice Zapping Comb

Kill Lice & Eggs on Contact

The comb
  • Trusted by millions for over 15-years
  • Zaps lice dead on contact
  • Safe for kids & proven to work
  • No toxic chemicals & no mess
  • One RobiComb is reusable for the entire family
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Lice Repellent

Prevent Lice

Spray bottle
  • Non-toxic & Pesticide-free
  • Proven to repel lice for 24-hours
  • A few squirts protects all day
  • Concentrated formula
  • Leaves behind pleasant smell and no residue
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