LiceGuard RobiComb Reviews & Media

LiceGuard RobiComb on The Nebraska Extension in Lancaster County

The Nebraska Extension in Lancaster County suggests trying the RobiComb™ to manage head lice. Click Here to read the article.

LiceGuard RobiComb on The Morning Show

CEO of Lice Squad Canada features the RobiComb on Canada's Global News. Lice Squad uses the RobiComb as part of their comprehensive lice treatment system.


LiceGuard RobiComb on NBC's Today Show

Fit Pregnancy Magazine presents their top picks for natural baby products on NBC's Today Show.


Head Lice 101 - Use the RobiComb

Orlando Family Magazine's back-to-school special, Head Lice 101, gives a quick overview of lice treatment - including how the RobiComb zaps lice on contact.


RobiComb a Back-to-School Must-Have!

Popular blogger, Because My Momma Says So.. applauds the LiceGuard RobiComb in this in-depth review of the world's most popular lice zapping comb.


RobiComb Review -

RobiComb is affordable, safe, and effective!

Lisa Johnston of Between the Kids reviews the RobiComb in this article which finds that the RobiComb is not only safer and more effective than traditional chemical products, but it is also more economical.


RobiComb a Natural Alternative to Pesticides

Mother Nature Network recommends the LiceGuard RobiComb as natural method for getting rid of pesky lice.


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