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Product Description

LiceGuard’s Lice and Egg Combing Package includes everything you need to comb out lice, eggs, and nits from your hair. To loosen the grip lice and eggs have on hair, we recommend first shampooing with our Lice and Egg Shampoo. **AVAILABLE ONLINE ONLY**


  • 2 types of stainless steel Lice Removal Combs
  • 1 Magnifying Glass / Hair Pick Tool

Use this to:

  • Comb out lice, eggs and nits


  • Teeth are made of heavy duty stainless steel
  • The two combs included are desgined for all hair types: curly, straight, long, short, thick, or thin. Each family member can use the comb that is best for their hair.
  • One comb has short tines that are spaced further apart - perfect for coarse or thick hair.
  • The other comb has longer tines that are closer together - perfect for thin and straigth hair. This comb is also best for removing eggs and nits, which are smaller than lice, so you need tighter teeth to remove them.
  • Teeth have blunt and rounded edges for gentle combing
  • Combs are tough and may be boiled for hygienic cleaning
  • Combs feature large comfort handle for easy combing
  • Recommended by school nurses and pharmacists

Combing Out Lice, Eggs and Nits:

This section shows how to use LiceGuard's Combing Package to comb out lice, eggs and nits.

For tangled hair, we recommend that you first brush well with your own regular brush to remove all knots.

If you have coarse, thick or long hair, we recommend you next use the lice comb with the shorter teeth that are spaced further apart.

Then, use the included fine-toothed egg and lice comb to remove the lice and eggs. The lice live behind the ears and at the nape of the neck ¼ inch from the scalp, so begin by paying special attention to those areas and comb using the fine-tooth comb. Eggs/nits can live anywhere on the hair, so continue combing from the root all the way through the entire hair length.

To treat longer hair, first divide the hair into sections, and comb small sections one at a time.

Clean the comb thoroughly by brushing the comb with a cleaning brush and by rinsing in soapy water. Clean after each section or as needed.

Repeat combing, lifting and pinning for the rest of the hair.

Repeat these steps daily until all the lice, eggs, and nits are gone.

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