z RobiComb Lice Zapping Comb

Product Description

The RobiComb is unlike any lice product on the market. It uses MicroCharge technology to zap lice on contact with a safe electric pulse that kills lice but won't hurt kids. No more dousing your kids with messy, smelly, toxic chemicals! Simply run the RobiComb through clean, dry hair and listen as you eliminate lice on contact.

Clinically-proven and completely safe for kids. A single RobiComb treats the entire family!


  • RobiComb Electric Lice Zapping Comb
  • Cleaning Brush

Use this to:

  • Kill lice and eggs on contact
  • Detect if your child has lice
  • Prevent against future lice outbreaks


  • Effective – Kills lice and eggs on contact
  • Saves You Money – Buy once - use again and again
  • Completely Safe – Kills lice, but safe for your child
  • No Exposure to Harmful Pesticides
  • Fast – You’ll be free of lice in minutes
  • Prevents – Regular use will prevent against future outbreaks
  • Peace of Mind – You’ll know for sure when you are lice-free
  • Easy to Use – You can use anytime, anywhere
  • Good for the Environment – No chemicals are used at all


Lice Zapping Comb
Kills lice, eggs and nits yes yes
Kills resistant lice yes no
Saves you money. Buy once - use again and again yes no
Completely safe and non-toxic yes no
Can be used daily yes no
No wetness. No mess. No odor. yes no
Detects lice yes no
Can be used for prevention yes no

Kills Lice on Contact

LiceGuard’s Lice Zapping Comb works by emitting a targeted electronic pulse using micro-charge technology, which zaps and kills lice instantly on contact. The coated tines on the Robi Comb protect the scalp from being touched, so the zapping comb kills the lice but is totally safe for children. Robi Comb has also been clinically proven to kill lice that have built up resistance and cannot be killed by pesticide shampoos.

Kills Eggs

Children who have lice usually also have unhatched lice eggs that are glued to the hair by the lice. For best results use the Robi Comb daily during the hatch cycle (10 days) to kill the eggs on contact as soon as they hatch. At the end of the cycle, all of the eggs will have hatched and been killed, and there will be no live lice left to lay eggs and no eggs left to hatch. You will have successfully broken the infestation cycle, as lice do not live long enough to hatch new eggs.

Non-toxic and Pesticide-Free

One effective but dangerous method of killing lice is by using toxic shampoos that contain pesticides such as Pyrethrum or Permethrin. Many people don’t realize that these powerful chemicals are the active ingredients in household bug killers, and work by attacking the louse’s central nervous system.

Unfortunately, these toxins can also harm people. Pesticide shampoos generally leave a toxic residue on the hair for a few days, and as children scratch their heads, poisons can get absorbed into the scalp, on their fingers, and then into their eyes, nose or mouth. Government studies suggest that these toxins may cause cancer, and doctors strongly warn that pregnant women, children with colds, and people with asthma or other respiratory conditions should not use pesticide based solutions.

You may understandably not want to put toxic chemicals on your child’s head. As an electronic device, RobiComb doesn’t use any chemicals at all.

Detects Lice

RobiComb quickly and non-invasively lets you know by an audible signal whether or not lice are present. No more searching with a magnifying glass. It’s foolproof - you just need to listen; many school nurses use RobiComb for exactly this reason. RobiComb can be used on all types of hair – from short and straight, to long and curly.


You’ll be able to use RobiComb as often as you’d like, for everyone in your family, now and in the future, for just one low price. Competitors’ shampoos and gels are expensive, requiring multiple treatments per person, for each outbreak. In contrast, RobiComb can be used over and over again, to kill lice and nits for everyone in your family, all for one low price.

No Gels. No Oils. No Mess. No Odor.

RobiComb is used on dry hair. There are no oils, gels, or shampoos to use. There are no gloves or capes to wear, no towels to mop up spills, no odor, and no chance to make a mess. There’s no drama, and no forcing your child to sit still while harmful chemicals are applied to their head.

Prevents Future Outbreaks

Using the RobiComb for just a few minutes a week will detect any lice that may be present, kill them, and thereby prevent future lice outbreaks before new lice have a chance to lay eggs.

This section shows how to use your Lice Zapping Comb to safely and effectively kill lice and eggs. Watch the video to see it in action, or review the highlights below.



To assemble, first open the bottom battery cover and insert an AA battery, and then turn on by pushing the bottom button up. When the RobiComb is on, a buzzing sound is heard.

The Lice Zapping Comb should be used only on completely dry hair. Lice live behind the ears and at the nape of the neck ¼ of an inch from the scalp. To detect and kill them, start at the root, and comb the first inch of hair. There is no need to comb the entire hair, as lice only live close to the scalp. The RobiComb should be combed through the hair at a gentle 45-degree angle; do not comb at a 90-degree angle.

The RobiComb can be used on all types of hair, from short and straight, to long and curly. To treat longer hair, first divide the hair into sections. Treat small sections, one at a time. Work side-to-side covering the entire section. Repeat this process lifting and pinning each section until all sections are done.

Killing Lice on Contact

RobiComb works by emitting a targeted electronic pulse using micro-charge technology, which zaps and kills lice instantly on contact. The coated tines on the RobiComb protect the scalp from being touched, so the zapping comb kills the lice but is totally safe and shock-free for children.

If the RobiComb comes into contact with lice, dandruff or debris, the buzzing sound will stop. Visually inspect the teeth of the RobiComb, and use the enclosed brush to brush off any lice or debris. When the lice or debris have been removed, the buzzing sound will resume.

When to Use

Use the Lice Zapping Comb daily for 10 days to detect and destroy all lice and nits, or longer if your child’s school indicates that there are still lice in the classroom. Your very first use of the RobiComb will immediately kill all the existing lice in your child’s hair.

Killing Lice Eggs

If your child has lice, he or she likely also has unhatched lice eggs that are glued to their hair by the lice. Lice eggs hatch up to 10 days after being laid, and their continued presence in the hair creates an ongoing infestation cycle. To break that cycle, you must kill the eggs as soon as they do hatch. To do that, you should continue to use the RobiComb for 10 days. As soon as the new eggs do hatch, the RobiComb will kill them. At the end of 10 days, all of the eggs will have hatched and been killed, and there will be no live lice left to lay eggs and no eggs left to hatch. You will have successfully broken the infestation cycle.

Love it

I am a school nurse and we have been having an infestation. Ever since we bought this product we simply comb through and get the lice out while the students wait for parents to pick them up. By the time parents stop by the majority of the lice have been removed, and all the proof of the lice is in front of their face. We have 2 robi combs right now and I recommend them to all the parents, it's easy to use and very effective.

Tears of Joy

6 Months ago, we found a single louse in my 9 year olds hair. We have been fighting these pest ever since. We have done everything known to man to get rid of these things and spent $100's of dollars. Just this morning, I spent 3 hours combing my sons hair (he has medium length hair), after treating it yet again. I got 4 or 5 lice out of his hair in 3 hours. I have been crying for months trying to rid my household of these critters to no avail. I got online to find a store with the house spray and came across this comb. I decided...we have tried everything else, it’s worth a shot. My husband picked it up, I took it out of the package, put the batteries in, and began to pray that it worked. The very moment I touched the comb to my sons head, the beeping stopped. I of course figured, it malfunctioned and I just wasted $’s ]. Then, I looked at the teeth of the comb and saw 3 tiny louse. Excited, I ran it through again and found even more. Within 10 mins, we had killed and removed well over 50 louse. I had no idea there was that many. I know this product works. I know that if your reading this, you are going through the same thing. Trust me, Buy this product and save some money, and heartache.


I wish I had bought this first! It's simple, quick and highly effective! I tried the gels first and they were effective but not completely. In one try, nits and lice are gone with this product! It's convenient in that there is no mess. It is quick to get the job done. This is the best!

Buy It!

Tried all kinds of shampoos and combs on our 3 year old girl for 6 months! Nothing worked well at all. It IS true that the lice are immune to the pyrethrin. Even after nitcombing and believing we had found them all, you use the Robi Comb, and there were lots more. I stopped using any hair treatments, used a regular comb on dry hair to get the tangles out, then used the Robi Comb everyday for 2 weeks until there were no more. You'll go a day when you'll only find 1 or 2, then more the next as they hatch, big and small ones until there just are none left!! Remember, as it finds them it zaps them!!

Wonder Comb

Twelve years ago we had to deal with these evil little critters. My oldest daughter was 3. I had hair down to my waist. Shampoos did NOTHING for me! I also had no one to help me pick through my hair. This comb was not only gentle on my daughters hair, it made it possible to treat myself. Now, twelve years later, I unfortunately had to pull it out again. Still works!!! This is so much safer and easier to use than those pesticide shampoos! If you are dealing with lice, you NEED this comb!

Must Have

Ugh. The dreaded bugs. I was in the middle of a losing battle with these little creatures. First, I found them on my 8 year old daughter, a few days later, I found them on my 11 year old stepdaughter. Just yesterday I found them on my 2 year old daughter. I’d treat one with the shampoos, disinfect EVERYTHING, then a few days later, another infested child. It was a cruel, endless loop. My stepdaughter’s hair is long, curly, thick, and a dirty blonde color, which makes it almost impossible to see. I found this product because I was at my wits end, ready to shave all our heads. After I treated my 8 year old, on a whim, I took this product through the already inspected and thought clean head of my stepdaughter. The high pitched shriek stopped instantly... out came a dead one. Again, again, again. I treated her. Searched my 2 year old's head and, once again, saw NOTHING. On a baby's head that should have been EASY to find bugs, I missed them. Just as a precaution, took this thing through her head.... again, shrieking stopped instantly and I pulled this tiny (had to have been just hatched) bugs. Treated her as well. Had I not had this comb, two of my three children would have gone untreated and reinfested everyone and everything. There are no cons with this product. I run it through their hair every day, sometimes twice a day. If they would raise the price of this comb up to $70, I'd still say it is worth it. I have slowly built up an arsenal to battle these things, and this comb is my cannon. They can’t hide anywhere now.

You will not be disappointed

Turning it on and listening to the hum of this comb is like watching a scary movie and hearing the music, waiting for something to happen. I hate it, but I love it. But, the peace of mind you receive when this thing hums like an angel without stopping is definitely worth it. BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT. You will NOT be disappointed!!


Last year my toddler daughters both got lice. We tried all of the shampoos, combs, and sprays, and spent countless hours scrubbing and steam cleaning everything in our house. Somehow, the lice kept coming back. I saw this comb, and I figured the price was about the same as one lice treatment. I tried it as a last resort, fully expecting to be let down. I wish I would have skipped all of the shampoos! No chemicals, no fuss, no cranky kids! I couldn't believe how well this thing worked. In one week I was able to completely eradicate those little pests. Now I use the comb periodically just to prevent a new infestation. This is truly one of the best purchases I have ever made. I have recommended it to everyone I know!

This Works!

We recently had our first experience with head lice. I tried Nix, with mediocre results… the first few lice I combed out of my daughter's head were dead, then I started to comb out live ones that were not affected by the pesticides at all. I decided that I wouldn't use any more chemicals since I knew going into it that lice were becoming more and more resistant to them. I wasn't ready to cover our heads in mayo for 24 hours so my only other real option was to comb and pick by hand. I came across this comb at our local Walgreens and after reading the reviews on Amazon, I decided to pick one up. This thing works just like the makers claim it does. We have been using it on and off for the past week and each time it has worked just fine. By the time we started using this comb, most of the lice were gone, but it did pick up and kill at least 3 lice that I never would have otherwise been able to see. While you're combing the thing emits a high pitched whining sound and then suddenly becomes silent once it snares a louse. The electricity in the comb then zaps and kills the louse. Each time I used it, my daughter's head looked totally clean, no nits or anything, but this comb found and killed the few lice that were left.. One of the reasons I bought this comb was so that I could comb my own head since I had no idea if I had caught the little vermin too. It makes a self check a breeze. I feel like this is a great thing to have around to do periodic checks just to be sure we don't get another infestation. So, long story short… it works. If you have lice, get one

Thank you Robi Comb for the return of my sanity

After 5 days of dealing with lice and quite a few approaches tried I was at the end of my rope. I had treated both my sons, but was still finding nits daily. I had spent at least 10 hours total combing through one of my sons very thick hair. I felt like an expert at spotting nits, but still was coming up with 20 nits each day on the 3rd and 4th day. After inspecting both my girls and my husband and him checking me we thought the rest of us were in the clear. Then I was ready to cry when I saw a louse in my 2 year old daughters curly long hair. She handled the lice free gel treatment like a champ, and the combing, but I could not get her to sit still enough to visually inspect her hair to see if I had all the nits. –I picked this up at Walgreens in an effort to see if we had the buggers. My husband used it on himself, no hits (Yay!) and then we tried it on our two sons. It had a hit right away - that first night we killed 2 nymphs on our son and 1 adult and 5 nymphs on the other - this is after a RID treatment and combing gel (would NEVER use those toxic nasties again) and daily combing through their entire head - I missed these. With great relief I combed through each of my daughters and myself with no hits. We are using it daily on everyone for at least 2 weeks to make sure we don't have a recurrence and will probably continue to use it weekly for the rest of the school year just in case. Absolutely worth the cost to finally have hope in ending this battle.. We also bagged up every stuffed toy/pillow that couldn't be washed, vacuumed all furniture and the house several times, washing sheets and towels daily, but I truly never want to go through this again.

Thank You

I was totally amazed at how awesome this comb was… we have been treating our hair for a couple of weeks with the "shampoos" they have on the market… still could not get rid of the lice...saw this comb and decided to try it… after doing my daughters hair I couldn’t believe what was left in her hair after all those chemicals… wow… that is all I can say… then I did mine… OMG… thank you for this wonderful product… it is worth its weight in gold… I will be bragging about this to all the moms who are suffering with this problem… THANK YOU!

This actually works!!!

I did not want to believe it… my son came home from school with lice. I immediately went to the internet to research… and found the Robi Comb. I bought it, ran it through my son's hair and—zap—several adult lice and even ones I could not see on my son's thick head of hair were caught. I followed up the combing with the shampoo and nit comb. Today only 2 “baby” lice were located… I really hate these little blood sucking bugs… so the sound of the zap makes it a little better.

Care and Maintenance

This section shows how to assemble, clean, and care for your RobiComb Lice Zapping Comb. Watch the video to see this in action, or review the highlights below.



The RobiComb Lice Zapping Comb is made up of 6 parts, from left to right: the protective clear cover, the combing unit cover, the metal teeth combing unit, the RobiComb body, the battery, and the battery cover.

To assemble, first open the bottom battery cover and insert an AA battery, making sure the + signs align. Click the battery in and close the cover tightly. Next remove the clear cover and turn on the RobiComb on by pushing the button up.

Cleaning the metal teeth combing unit

The metal teeth combing unit should be completely cleaned after each use.

To clean the metal teeth, simply remove the combing unit cover and gently push out the metal teeth. The metal teeth should be cleaned with the included brush, and can be washed in warm soapy water. Before reassembling, make sure the metal teeth are completely dry.

Reassembling the Lice Zapping Comb

To reassemble, hold the combing unit cover with the wide smooth area facing up. The combing unit should be held with the solid white line and the ridges at the tab facing up. Return the metal teeth combing unit back into the combing unit cover by gently pushing the combing unit tab until the combing unit teeth are completely visible. Do not force the combing unit back in at an angle. Next, snap the combing unit cover and combing unit back onto the RobiComb.


Your Lice Zapping Comb should be stored in a dry place between uses, away from shower steam or other water sources (not in your bathroom).

Replacement Teeth

If the metal teeth become bent, you should try to gently straighten them. If they can not be straightened and are badly bent or broken, or the black insulation tips are worn off, you will need to purchase replacement teeth.

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