ZAP! Kill Lice Instantly with the RobiComb® Electric Lice-Zapping Comb


Technology is so cool, especially when it finds its way into parts of our lives in unexpected, but all too necessary, ways. Dealing with a head lice infestation is no exception. Lice treatments have always involved treatments with some sort of chemical shampoo and frequent, detailed nitpicking. This can take hours and may gently sap away at your sanity. Now, technology has found an exciting way to detect and treat head lice: Electric lice combs!

How Do You Use an Electric Lice Comb?

Electric lice combs, like the RobiComb®, work by generating a small amount of electricity (usually supplied by a battery) which runs through the teeth of the comb. They are typically covered at the end of the tines by small, rubber pads to keep your child and their scalp safe. If the electrified part of the comb does touch bare skin, it’s no more severe than your typical winter-time or balloon-generated static shock.

Electric lice combs are simple and easy to use because it’s just like combing hair. The comb should be used on dry, untreated hair, so you’ll need to comb or brush it before you begin. For short hair, you only need to comb the hair, starting with the back near the neck and ears, where lice are most likely to be present. For longer hair, it’s best to divide the hair into sections that are about one inch in size. You can secure the sections with clips so they stay separate. With the RobiComb® logo side up, turn on the comb and hold it at a 45-degree angle. It will make a quiet humming noise to let you know it’s working.

How Does an Electric Lice Comb Work?

Every time the electric lice comb encounters a louse or a nymph large enough to connect with two tines of the comb, it stops the flow of electricity and cuts off the sound. Because it comes into contact with electricity, the louse is shocked: either killed or disabled. Just brush the lice you’ve caught into some soapy water, and you and your child are golden!

It takes about a week for new eggs to hatch and for immature lice to be able to lay new eggs, so you need to repeat the combing process every day for 10 to 14 days to completely stop the reproductive cycle and prevent new lice.  If there’s an outbreak at work, school or daycare, you can comb with the RobiComb® electric lice-zapping comb about once a week to help prevent an infestation from starting.

How is the RobiComb® Electric Lice-Zapping Comb Different from Other Lice Treatments?

The most common lice treatments involve medicated or chemical (pesticide) shampoos. These shampoos can be dangerous and toxic, especially to young children. Some of the shampoos aren’t intended for use on children under the age of 2, or even 6! Dimethicone or oil-based treatments require slathering the head with goo, covering it in plastic, and leaving it to settle overnight. Aside from the mess and the time, it may not be wise to let a small child sleep with plastic on their head!

Traditional lice treatments are a pain in the neck with multiple steps involved, including running to the store or doctor’s office to grab the treatment, washing hair, combing out the tangles and then going through the hair with a steel or plastic lice comb before picking through their hair for the remaining nits (and gaining a new appreciation for the word “nitpicking”). Electric lice combs, like the RobiComb®, save you multiple steps and leaves you with your sanity intact (well, as intact as it can be with kids!).

Between chemical and all-natural treatments, medicated treatments, and a growing industry of professional salons whose entire job is to remove lice and nits, parents are spending an estimated 1 billion dollars every year to put an end to lice infestations. To make matters worse, chemical treatments are quickly becoming a non-option since some species of lice are becoming resistant to the chemical and medicated treatments available right now. With these growing costs, getting an electric lice comb is just a better option. You can treat the entire family with just one comb - something you can’t say about traditional, or even natural, lice treatments - saving you time and money.

Having kids is stressful enough without adding a head lice infestation. With a busy schedule, work of our own, and schools that send kids home until the lice infestation is treated and the kids are nit-free, none of us can afford to waste our time (or money for that matter) trying multiple forms of lice treatments and risking money on products that don’t work.

The RobiComb® electric lice-zapping comb is both an acute and preventive treatment that is safe for all ages, free from harmful chemicals and FAST! When you absolutely must get your kids back to school or get yourself back to work, you can’t afford to wait on chemicals or oils to do their job. Get the RobiComb® electric lice-zapping comb and get back to living an itch-free life!



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