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About LiceGuard

LiceGuard® is charting new territory in the treatment and prevention of lice. We are dedicated to producing safe and effective products to help families deal with their frustrating lice problems. Unlike traditional lice products that douse your children in toxic chemicals, our products are made with safe ingredients - and unlike many other "natural" or "non-toxic" products, our products actually work!

Starting out with the world-famous RobiComb®, we have expanded to a full line of non-toxic lice treatment and prevention products to meet the needs of every family. In over 15-years of business, we have served over 5-million households around the world.

The RobiComb is currently available at most Walmart, and Shoppers Drug Mart locations in North America. Other LiceGuard products are available both online and in thousands of retail locations around the globe.

LiceGuard Corporate Headquarters is located just outside Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

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