The Fight Against Super Lice

Discover everything you need to know about super lice. Most to kill them quickly and safely.

Super Lice Facts

20 Years

Lice have been growing resistant to pesticides over the last 20 years

48 States

Super lice have been found in 48 states across the U.S.

99.6% of Lice

Nearly all lice have developed a resistance to pesticide treatments

The Rise of Super Lice

In case battling lice infestations wasn’t enough of a headache, now the lice are actually fighting back. “Super lice,” an evolved form of lice resistant to pesticides, have turned leading over-the-counter treatments into nothing more than a waste of time.

Over the last 20 years, pesticide-based lice treatments have become less and less effective on lice, leading to a surge in “super lice” breakouts across the United States. Discover the facts, and the most effective ways to safely kill and prevent super lice infestations.

A Growing Invasion Across 48 States

Think you’re safe in a colder climate? Think again! It doesn’t matter where you live, super lice are on the move, spreading from 23 states to 48 in just five years.

A 70% Rise in Resistance

Over the last 20 years, lice have become increasingly resistant to common over-the-counter treatments. Pesticide solutions are now only effective 30% of the time.

A Pesticide Free Solution

Even when pesticide treatments worked, they were dangerous to kids. Non-toxic, pesticide free, treatments are the safest, fastest, and most effective way to kill super lice.

The Guide to Super Lice Treatment and Facts

What in the World Are “Super Lice?” Why You Need to Know

Just when you thought lice couldn’t get worse, they’ve adapted to resist leading treatments! Uncover the most effective ways to kill lice on contact! 

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Extremely Effective Ways to Treat Super Lice

Over-the-counter treatments won’t work against super lice! Discover the secret to killing them on the spot without the use of dangerous chemicals. Read More
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Combing Away “Super Lice”

Dealing with a super lice infestation? Discover how to quickly comb away the lice while killing them at the same time, all from the comfort of home!

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Does Shampoo Work in Eliminating Super Lice?

Think over the counter shampoos can solve your super lice treatment? Think again! Discover the most effective ways to kill super lice fast and safely! Read More
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How to Get Rid of Super Lice Super-Fast

Getting rid of lice is hard, getting rid of super lice is even harder! Discover the most effective ways to get rid of super lice fast and safely! Read More
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A “Super Lice” Treatment That Actually Works (And Many that Don’t)

Many over-the-counter treatments are ineffective against super lice. Learn which products work and which don’t when battling a super lice infestation.

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