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How does the RobiComb work?

The RobiComb is an innovative solution to the age old problem of lice. It is an electric lice comb specially designed to electrocute lice on contact as the comb slides through clean, dry hair. When working properly the device makes a soft, high pitched sound. When it comes in contact with a live louse, the comb “zaps” the louse with a small electric charge. The sound will temporarily stop to alert the user. After being “zapped” the louse will die instantly or soon after and will be unable to lay any more egg. Simply use the included brush to remove lice from the combing surface and resume combing.

Does the RobiComb remove eggs or nits?

The RobiComb will “zap” most average size eggs assuming the comb user is meticulous, however because the eggs are glued to the hair, manual removal is most often required. Eggs are laid very close to the scalp (less than 1/8”) and you must be very thorough and diligent about sweeping the RobiComb down to the hair roots across the entire scalp. As a precaution we recommend that you continue using the RobiComb for a full two weeks to eliminate any “missed” eggs and newly hatched lice. Although the RobiComb may kill the eggs, you may still need to manually remove all the egg/nit remnants. For this, we recommend our Lice & Egg Elimination Kit, which includes a professional grade lice comb and our specially formulated shampoo which loosens the bonds between eggs/nits and hair.

Does the RobiComb detect lice?

Yes! The RobiComb can be used to quickly detect lice simply by combing it through a child’s hair. If the buzzing sound stops, lice are likely present but always verify visually. This feature is particularly great for use in classrooms and daycare. The RobiComb may also detect eggs that are large enough to be zapped. Nits (empty or dead eggs) are rarely large enough for the RobiComb to detect, so a thorough visual check should always be conducted after treatment.

Can the RobiComb be used on more than one person?

Yes! The RobiComb is the only lice treatment product that can be used again and again to detect and kill lice. Simply clean the combing surface between uses to prevent contamination.

How do you clean the RobiComb?

Use the included brush to remove any debris. To sanitize the teeth, we recommend using isopropyl alcohol or a germicidal spray. When screening a large number of children, we suggest using multiple combing units so that one can be removed, cleaned, and dried while the other is in use.

How frequently should I use the Robicomb?

To treat an infestation, use at least once daily for a minimum of two weeks. As a precautionary measure, use once a week or as often as needed during an outbreak in your home area.

Does the RobiComb require a battery?

The RobiComb requires one AA battery. To install, pull off the bottom plastic cover and insert the battery, making sure to align the + and – signs.

Why is my RobiComb buzzing?

The buzzing sound indicates that your RobiComb is powered on and working properly. When the buzzing sound stops, you have zapped a louse! Verify by sight, then brush off the combing surface and resume the lice zapping.

Why did my RobiComb stop buzzing?

More than likely, you have zapped a louse. Verify by sight, then brush off the combing surface and continue combing. The buzzing sound should resume automatically when the combing surface is cleaned. Sometimes other debris in the hair (such as lint, hair gel, dandruff, etc.) can trigger the device to stop buzzing. Ensure that both the hair and the combing surface stay clean and dry while using the RobiComb.

My RobiComb is still not buzzing at all. What should I do?

There may be many reasons why your RobiComb is not working properly. Follow these troubleshooting steps to find the problem:

  1. Verify that the combing/teeth surface is completely clean and that no debris is caught in between the comb’s teeth.
  2. Remove the plastic housing containing the combing unit. Turn the power switch on. If the RobiComb buzzes with the combing unit removed, the problem lies with the combing unit. Remove the metal combing unit from its plastic housing, hold the combing unit up to the light and ensure that NONE of the comb’s teeth are touching, especially the teeth on the ends. If any teeth are touching, gently pry them apart. Reassemble the unit and turn on. If the unit still does not buzz, contact our customer service team and we will replace the combing unit.
  3. Check that a fully-charged battery is inserted.
  4. Check that the power is switched to the “ON” position.
Can the RobiComb be used on pets for fleas?

The comb is designed for human head lice. It has not been tested for other uses, however some customers have reported successfully using it to remove fleas.

My comb shuts off when it touches hair. What’s wrong?

Ensure that the hair is completely dry. Any moisture will conduct electricity and trigger the RobiComb to stop buzzing (it thinks it just zapped a louse). If this remains a problem with dry hair, please contact our customer service team and we will replace the unit.

Experience a zap/shock when using the RobiComb?

The RobiComb has insulated comb tips that are specially designed to prevent shocking the head and scalp, however any direct contact to the combing surface (shiny metal surfaces) may result in a small shock or tingling sensation (this is what zaps the lice). If the RobiComb causes a shock through the insulated tips when used as directed, the combing unit should be replaced. Please contact our customer service team (if within the warranty period) or purchase a Replacement Combing Unit online.

Does the RobiComb come with a warranty?

Yes. Our manufacturer warranty extends one year from the date of purchase.

How does the Lice & Egg Shampoo work?

Our shampoo is non-toxic and pesticide-free formulation that loosens the bond between lice eggs and hair follicles—making it easier to comb out even the toughest lice eggs. Clinical trials have shown that our shampoo facilitates the removal of over 3-times as many eggs as other shampoos and combing methods. Simply lather the hair, rinse, and comb. Did we mention our shampoo also smells great?!

How does the Lice Repellent Spray work?

Our repellent spray is non-toxic and pesticide-free formulation that has an aromatic effect that lice just don’t like—however people love the pleasant scent! Clinical trials have shown that a small amount of this concentrated formula will repel lice for 24-hours. Simply apply a few sprays over the head and comb through the hair. Because it works aromatically, you don’t have to saturate the hair.

Can I use all the LiceGuard products together?

Yes, of course! First, use the RobiComb on dry hair and scalp to kill or disable any lice and eggs. Next, use the Elimination Kit (or the Shampoo and Combing Kit) to loosen and remove any remaining lice and eggs. Finally, apply the Repellent Spray to prevent future infestations.

Does the Shampoo or the Repellent Spray come in larger sizes?

Sorry, these products are currently available in one size only.

How long does the Repellent Spray last?

Despite its small size, our Repellent Spray comes in a concentrated formula that is meant to last 6-8 weeks when used as suggested on one person. When applied excessively or when used on multiple people, the product will run out sooner.

Can I put gel or hairspray on my hair after I use the Repellent Spray?

No. The Repellent Spray should be the last product you apply before leaving the house. Any product that leaves scent in the hair may mask the Repellent Spray’s effects. We recommend avoiding the use of other hair care products with the Repellent Spray.