Head Lice Treatment Options

Pesticide Shampoos

RID NIX toxic pesticide shampoos

Pros / Cons

  • Kills lice and eggs.
  • Use poisonous chemicals.
  • Ineffective on resistant lice strains (up to 75% of all lice).
  • Not safe for daily use.
  • Noxious odor and mess.

Traditional products are toxic & losing effectiveness.

Traditional lice products use pesticides like Permethrin & Pyrethrum that are known to be harmful. There are thousands of reports of neurological damage associated with these chemicals, and the FDA has investigated a number of deaths allegedly caused by the overuse of these agents.

Additionally, studies suggest that up to 75% of all existing lice strains have developed resistance to these pesticides. Not only are traditional products dangerous, but they don't even work well anymore.

Non-toxic / Natural Shampoo

LiceGuard Non-toxic Lice Shampoo

Pros / Cons

  • Remove 3x as many lice & eggs, as compared to combing alone.
  • Safer for Kids and the Environment.
  • No exposure to harmful chemicals or pesticides.
  • Conditions Hair – unlike toxic competitors that damage hair and leave behind residues.
  • Smells great.

LiceGuard offers non-toxic and natural alternatives to traditional products.

LiceGuard's Lice & Egg Shampoo (included in our Lice & Egg Elimination Kit) is a safe and effective alternative to traditional pesticide shampoos. The non-toxic solution breaks down the bonds between lice eggs and hair, making it easy to comb out all the lice, eggs, and nits.

Our natural shampoo also smells great, conditions hair, and can be used every day.

Electric Lice Comb

LiceGuard RobiComb

Pros / Cons

  • Detects & kills lice on contact.
  • Safe for kids
  • Contains no chemicals.
  • No odor & no mess.
  • Reusable - one device treats the entire family.

RobiComb defines a new class of lice treatment.

The RobiComb is a revolutionary addition to the lice treatment category and has been loved by parents around the world for over 15-years. It is the only product that can detect AND treat lice simultaneously, and it is the only product that can kill lice instantly on contact! Simply comb through hair, and ZAP! Lice problem solved.

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