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LiceGuard® leads the way in non-toxic lice solutions.

LiceGuard, maker of the orginal RobiComb® Lice Zapping Comb, now offers an entire line of non-toxic products that detect, eliminate, and prevent lice without using harmful chemicals.

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Parents & Teachers Love LiceGuard!

It really works!

By S. S.

"I have tried everything to get rid of my daughters lice. Chemical shampoo, homeopathics, and home remedies of every sort. Finally I was fed up and I thought let me just give the RobiComb a shot, heck I have tried everything else. Well after combing through the first few passes of hair it got something. I was like OMG this thing actually works."

Never go without it!!

By K.

"I absolutely love the Repellent with school and play. I put it on my daughter everyday. It's pesticide free and smells wonderful and it works. My daughter's school had an outbreak and she did not get it and her hair is very long."

Better than anything I've used!

By A. H.

"This Shampoo is better then any thing I used and I used them all. Head lice will make a calm level headed person go out of their mind. There is a new breed of resistant lice called Super Lice that are coming from Europe. They are resistant to everything. I mean everything. At $10 a bottle of this shampoo is a bargain!"

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