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RobiComb® Testimonials

It really works!

By S. S.

"I have tried everything to get rid of my daughters lice. Chemical shampoo, homeopathics, and home remedies of every sort. Finally I was fed up and I thought let me just give this thing a shot, heck I have tried everything else. Well after combing through the first few passes of hair it got something. I was like OMG this thing actually works. And the little beastie was shocked DEAD. I proceed through the rest of her hair and removed the remaining adult and nyphem lice. The thing I like about this product is that it get everything that is alive. You have to keep using the comb every few days until everything is hatched and gone."

RobiComb to my rescue!!!

By A. B.

"After struggling with the all too embarrassing lice for three months we had tried EVERY thing on the plant. Ginger treatment, Rid, Paul Mitchell tea tree, listerine, prescription strength treatments and nothing worked. I finally said I'm going to just try the Robi comb thinking it would never work but I was desperate. To my surprise this product saved the day and my sanity!!! I wish I new of it sooner and I highly recommend this to any parent. Don't waste your money on the chemicals. Just robicomb those bugs!!!!"

Off the HOOK!!!

By P. N.

"I bought this several years ago when my teenage son got lice trying on a mask. This thing is off the hook!! It works great and someone asked if it works on fleas. Yes it does! On two occasions after vet visits I noticed extra scratching a week or two after the visit. I start combing both pets with the comb a few times a day and problem solved. The tone beeps while you are combing and stops when something (louse,flea, clump of hair) block the flow of electricity. I have a bowl of sudsy water ready to pluck them off the tines and in the bowl. So I glad I kept it years after the bout with lice. It's a keeper for every pet owner."

Every school should have this!

By L. B.

"As a school secretary, I had a hard time seeing live lice; they are tiny and fast. We don't have a "no nit" policy, so there must be live lice in order to send a student home. This tool makes my job SO much easier! It finds even the tiniest hatchlings and since it zaps them on contact, I have proof to show parents: I use the tiny brush included to sweep the dead louse off of the comb onto the sticky side of a piece of scotch tape, fold it over to encase it, and staple it to the lice notification."

Every parent with a child needs this comb!

By S. G.

"I just love your product. I have used two of them. My daughter usually gets lice the 3rd week in to school then we battle it for about month. This comb works great. I wish the schools would let each parent know about this comb. I tell every parent with a child that they need this comb."

This product has restored my sanity!!

By M.

"Just wanted to say thank you! This product has restored my sanity!! I have been fighting lice in my child's hair for several weeks. I was religious about combing the hair everyday taking about 2 hours each time as well as thoroughly treating the beds, carpets, etc. After several shampoo treatments I thought I was done and discovered a live lice which I could not catch. I lost it. I could not sleep that night and was planning to contact the doctor for a prescription the following Monday. My husband went to the store for more house spray and brought home the RobiComb. I was skeptical and if I had gone to the store would not have bought it myself. I ran it through the hair and killed 3 lice instantly!! This product avoided another chemical treatment and combined with a through head check daily for another week or two rid me of my nemesis. I am so grateful to my husband for purchasing this. This is the first time I have ever written a company thank you note, but you have really saved me. I continue to use this a few times a week to ensure we have no more issues. Thank you from the bottom of this momma's heart!!!"

Thank you!

By H. L.

"I have spent the last 7 months in the most lice infested part of the country, Muskogee Oklahoma! My 9 year old son got them at school and I have been waging war for months. Nothing has worked. I purchased your comb yesterday and it's amazing! Thank you! You should market yourselves to every public school in Muskogee! Again, Thank You!"

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Lice Repellent Spray Testimonials

Never go without it!!

By K.

"I absolutely love this. with school and play. I put it on my daughter everyday. It's pesticide free and smells wonderful and it works. My daughter's school had an outbreak and she did not get it and her hair is very long."

Always a good item!

By J. C.

"I stock up and buy three at a time- usually run out before I know it. My daughters class had two kids infested and she didn't have any trouble at all. Well worth the money!"

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Lice & Egg Shampoo Testimonials

Better than anything I've used!

By A. H.

"This shampoo is better then any thing I used and I used them all. Head lice will make a calm level headed person go out of their mind. There is a new breed of resistant lice called Super Lice that are coming from Europe. They are resistant to everything. I mean everything. At $10 a bottle of this shampoo is a bargain!"

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Lice & Egg Combing Kit Testimonials

Easy to use and effective!

By M.

"Great! Is easy to use and effective. I really like it and it helped me a lot with getting the lice out. Thanks!"

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