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LiceGuard makes a complete line of head lice treatment products to treat head lice from your home. There are many benefits of the home head lice treatment products we make. LiceGuard’s home head lice treatment products are non-toxic, pesticide-free, safe, economical, medically proven, and have been trusted by over 2 million moms worldwide. Chose from one of our home head lice treatment products below. Free shipping.

Head Lice Shampoo 0

LiceGuard's head lice shampoo, included in our Lice & Egg Elimination Kit, is an effective and safe way to remove lice, eggs and nits from your child's hair. Our non-toxic and pesticide-free natural lice treatment shampoo loosens the grip lice and eggs have on hair. Our natural lice treatment shampoo is the best of its kind - effective, safe, and proven to work. Simply shampoo with our head lice shampoo and use the included steel comb to comb out the lice, eggs and nits from your child's hair. Free shipping.


Lice Prevention Repellent Spray 0

LiceGuard's Lice Prevention Repellent Spray is a safe and effective head lice spray that repels lice and prevents your child from getting head lice.  Clinically proven to repel and prevent lice, our Repellent Spray is made with natural ingredients and contains no toxins or pesticides. A few squirts of our prevenetative spray will provide 24-hour protection from lice. Order your lice prevention repellent spray today. Free shipping.

Lice Zapper Comb 0

LiceGuard makes the best lice comb zapper. LiceGuard's Lice Zapping Comb is an electronic lice comb that kills lice, eggs and nits without toxic chemicals. Our electric lice comb kills head lice and eggs on contact, simply by combing it through dry hair. When the battery powered electronic lice comb touches lice, it emits an electric pulse that zaps lice, but not kids. Our Lice Zapper Comb has been recommended in the Americal Journal of Dermatology, and has been trusted and used by over 2 million moms worldwide. Free shipping.