Lice Comb


Looking for a lice comb? Instead of getting just a "regular" lice comb, let us tell you about our Lice Zapping Comb - the ultimate comb for lice. LiceGuard's Lice Zapping Comb is an electric lice comb that kills lice, eggs and nits without toxic chemicals. Our electric head lice comb kills head lice and eggs on contact, simply by combing it through dry hair. When the battery powered electronic lice comb touches lice, it emits an electronic pulse that zaps lice, but not kids. Instead of paintakenly using a regular comb where you have to inspect hair, use our Lice Zapping Comb which does the work for you. Our Lice Zapping Electric Lice Comb has been recommended in the Americal Journal of Dermatology, and has been trusted and used by over 2 million moms worldwide.


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  • Scott Randall
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