RobiComb Scores Well with Parents AND Kids!


We see testimonials from parents, teachers, doctors, and pharmacists all the time time, but it isn't often that we get feedback directly from the kids who benefit from the RobiComb. In this recent video from YouTuber ColeyColes, we get some interesting and colorful insights from a seven-year-old on the RobiComb's benefits:

  • The buzzing sound lets you know when you zap a louse.
  • Lice are hard to see, but an itchy head is easy for kids to feel.
  • The RobiComb is a great tool to quickly and easily detect lice (while killing them at the same time).
  • Every other product on the market involves dousing a child's head with some sort of liquid chemical. The RobiComb is completely non-toxic and actually contains no chemicals at all. This means NO ODOR, NO MESS, and NO TOXINS!

The last minute of this video is priceless! Kids will be kids, and their imaginations are adorable.



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