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Head Lice: The Scariest Thing Hiding Behind Your Halloween Costume This Year 0

halloween kids head lice

Yes, you really can get head lice from Halloween costumes!

Of all the frightening creepy crawlies around at Halloween, there is one you definitely can and should protect your children (and yourself!) from – HEAD LICE! Here are a few expert tips for avoiding lice this time of year.

Myths About Lice at School 0

Today Show Lice in the Classroom

LiceGuard confirms and dispels some common myths about lice.

NBC's Today Show recently ran a short segment about Lice in the Classroom. During the show, Dr. Natalie Azar cites an American Academy of Pediatrics study that exlores the causes, diagnoses, and treatments of head lice in the school setting. Here is a quick summary of what Dr. Azar shared on the show, including LiceGuard's analysis of the AAP's conclusions.