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Today Show Lice in the Classroom


NBC's Today Show recently ran a short segment about Lice in the Classroom. During the show, Dr. Natalie Azar cites an American Academy of Pediatrics study that exlores the causes, diagnoses, and treatments of head lice in the school setting. Here is a quick summary of what Dr. Azar shared on the show, along with our analysis of the key findings:

Kids can get lice anywhere, not just at school.

We agree. Kids can get lice through direct contact with infected kids. This type of contact is likely to occur at sporting events, sleepovers, playgrounds, and other activities involving close contact between multiple kids. Lice can also be transferred when kids share articles of clothing, especially hats, scarves, and other head and neck wear.

Kids with lice should be allowed to attend school.

We agree, sort of. Although the study found that most cases of lice were acquired outside the classroom, attendance at school almost certainly leads to attendance at the extracurricular events described above where lice are transferred. In theory, kids ought to be able to attend classes but not recess, physical education, sports, and other activities. In practice though, it is hard to make these exceptions in the school environment. It is much easier to keep kids home from school (and accompanying activities) altogether. The fact of the matter is that kids ARE getting lice from each other. Isolation and proper treatment is the only way to ensure a lice-infested kid won't infect his or her classmates.

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Lice are unrelated to hygeine.

We couldn't agree more. In fact, the CDC published an article about Lice Risk Factors and confirms that "getting head lice is not related to cleanliness of the person or his or her environment." We stand by this quote.

If traditional products don't work, get a prescription for stronger chemicals.

We couldn't disagree more! First of all, no parent should expose their children to the toxic pesticides contained in leading over-the-counter lice brands. Traditional lice products use pesticides like Permethrin & Pyrethrum that are known to cause neurological damage, and in some cases death. Second of all, studies suggest that up to 75% of all lice are resistant to these pesticides anyway. Third of all, why expose kids to these chemicals at all when non-toxic alternatives are more effective? LiceGuard provides non-toxic lice treatment solutions that are safe for kids and effective against ALL strains of lice.

We encourage you to read more about your Lice Treatment Options and decide for yourself how to treat and protect your kids.


View the full Today Show segment below.



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