Do Lice Jump?


The Short Answer

NO. Lice do not jump. Lice only have the ability to crawl, which means that they can only be transferred via direct contact between people.


The Full Explanation

The reason that lice (unlike fleas) cannot jump is simply due to their anatomy. A louse has short, stubby legs that limit the bug's speed and range of motion. Because they can only crawl, lice can only be transferred by coming into direct contact with another host. Most commonly, transferal comes in the form of head-to-head contact at school. In some cases, lice can also be transferred via shared items such as hats, scarves, or pillows. Although lice cannot jump, their hooked legs provide a strong grip on hosts - making them extremely hard to remove.


Fleas on the other hand have long, grasshopper-like legs that allow them to move swiftly and to jump from host to host. Fleas do not have the same fierce gripping strengths as lice, but they are very hard to catch. Luckily fleas generally do not live on human hosts, but they can still jump onto and bite humans.

flea legs for jumping


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