Head Lice: The Scariest Thing Hiding Behind Your Halloween Costume This Year


Yes, you really can get head lice from Halloween costumes!

Follow these tips to avoid lice during everyone's favorite masked holiday.

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Of all the frightening creepy crawlies around at Halloween, there is one you definitely can and should protect your children (and yourself!) from – HEAD LICE! Here are a few expert tips for avoiding lice this time of year:

  • If possible, put all new or borrowed costume items in a sealed plastic bag for 48 hours before wearing them. Without a host to feed on, any head lice will die within 24-48 hours.
  • If time is short, place costume items in a dryer on high heat for 45 minutes before wearing them. Check labels first and be sure to avoid drying any items that might be damaged by the heat.
  • When borrowing wigs, masks, or hats, use a swimming cap to cover your child’s own hair. This creates a physical barrier that will be tough for lice to cross.
  • Encourage your child not to share personal items such as head bands, hats, masks, wigs, etc. This includes trying on costumes that have been previously opened in stores.
  • Examine your child’s head when he/she returns from parties or sleepovers for at least 7 days after a possible exposure to head lice. The RobiComb is a great tool for conducting a quick and easy check - simply comb it through your child's hair and listen for any indications of lice as the comb zaps them on contact.
  • Last but not least, use a lice repellent spray to ward off any hopeful crawlers. Just a few squirts of LiceGuard's Lice Repellent Spray will help protect your child from head lice for 24 hours.

Want a sure way to prevent lice this Halloween?

LiceGuard's Lice Repellent Spray is clinically-proven to repel lice for 24 hours. Simply apply a few sprays to the head and hair each day to protect your child from head lice at school, day care, and other common interactions.

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Halloween should be a fun experience for everyone. By taking some simple precautions, you won’t have to be afraid of getting head lice this year. You may still want to remain wary about all those ghosts and goblins though!


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