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Effectiveness of "Natural" Lice Products 0

Beware of the classic "all-natural" tagline when deciding which lice product to buy for your children! 

Not only do most of the natural products on the market lack clinical proof of efficacy, they can also be dangerous.  For instance:


  1. The neurotoxin Pyrethrin is actually derived from chrysanthemum flowers;
  2. Tea tree oil is toxic if ingested;
  3. Recent University of Maryland Medical Center research warms against pregnant women and small children being exposed to Eucalyptus oil; and
  4. Lavender oil can have serious side effects and can spur adverse reactions.


In order to avoid any sort of harm, try LiceGuard's RobiComb!  It uses electronic pulses to zap lice on contact, removing the need for any potential toxic ingredients.  AND there are clinical studies proving its efficacy at removing lice and eggs!

Beware of Toxic OTC and Prescription Lice Treatments! 0

75% of the lice product market is dominated by "big brand" lice treatment shampoos and ointments that contain Permethrin or Pyrethroids, which are not only pesticides, but also neurotoxins.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in a 2009 memorandum classificed Permethrin as "likely carcinogenic to humans."

The National Pediculosis Association (NPA), a non-profit group that advocates on head lice issues, has collected over 1,000 reports linking the use of pesticide shampoos to seizures, behavioral problems and leukemia.

What should you do instead to keep your children safe?  Use LiceGuard's suite of lice treatment products!  They are non-toxic and pesticide free!

Myths About Lice at School 0

Today Show Lice in the Classroom

LiceGuard confirms and dispels some common myths about lice.

NBC's Today Show recently ran a short segment about Lice in the Classroom. During the show, Dr. Natalie Azar cites an American Academy of Pediatrics study that exlores the causes, diagnoses, and treatments of head lice in the school setting. Here is a quick summary of what Dr. Azar shared on the show, including LiceGuard's analysis of the AAP's conclusions.

Kroger Adds RobiComb to Store Shelves 0

LiceGuard Kroger

Thousands more stores add RobiComb, supporting non-toxic lice trend.

LiceGuard is proud to announce that another major U.S. retailer has picked up the RobiComb this year! Now you can find America's favorite lice zapping comb at thousands of Kroger stores across the U.S. The addition of the RobiComb is also another sign that more and more retailers are finally listening to their customers' demand for non-toxic alternatives to traditional chemical lice treatments.